All Sugard Up

All Sugard Up

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Emerald Dreams

 My name is Elisabeth and I am 18. This is my first time writing a blog.. I've seen so many people doing this lately I figured I would make one too! 

So I guess I'll start off by telling y'all about my life! I have 2 wonderful parents name Bart and Dottie. They both work hard to give my 3 siblings and me a good life! My daddy works at a carpet business and my mama works at home. 

My 2 brothers, Isaiah and Timothy, were sent to us, by God, through adoption! They may get all my nerves sometimes but they are getting to be pretty great know when they are not messing with my stuff in my room and driving me crazy! hahaha 

My sister, Virginia (whom I have nick-named Virginnie) is my Best Friend and we are very close. We even have the same dreams pretty awesome :) Anyways..she will be starting back to college in the fall and continuing the study of Nursing (I'll be praying for her!)

And then there's me. Crazy, unpredictable, stubborn, sleepy, me! lol it's really a journey figuring out the kind of person I am. I love reading and singing and loud music! And then I also love sitting on my porch and just listening to the quiet. I know that sounds weird but like I said I'm unpredictable and I like to live everyday as an adventure. -Oh yeah! I'll be starting Cosmetology School in January.. yes THAT will definitely be an adventure..I can't wait! Okay that's all I'm going to type now because I am fixing to watch something with my wonderful family :) Have a good night and Be Yourself!